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Teen Skin Concerns

Questions & Answers

Q:Are fabric softeners triggering my breakouts?

A:The coating on those Fabric softener sheets are made of animal fat (namely beef lard), not to mention artificial fragrance. This means your

 pillowcase (while extremely soft!) now has an added coating of this fatty mixture on it. Press your cheek to it every night and your skin

 will pick up this coating and could become irritated.

Q: Am I too young for a skin care routine?

A: It's never too early (or too late!) to start a skin care routine. A good skin care regimen is as important as brushing your teeth, keeping up 

good hygiene, and maintaining a healthy diet!

While you may not be concerned about them now, skin issues like adult acne, age spots and fine lines caused by sun damage, and dry, dehydrated

skin can start as early as your 20s. The more you take care of your skin now, the easier it will be to maintain healthy skin now and into your future.

Q: Why should I choose Clear Start?

A: You should choose Clean Start because you want your healthiest skin now, and in the future! Too often, the product choices available to 

your generation aren’t the best choices, as they contain harsh, and inexpensive, ingredients that merely strip skin of oil.

Clear Start was created by the skin health experts at Dermalogica, meaning you can count on our products to give your skin the best 

ingredients while leaving out the bad stuff (such as artificial colors and fragrances, drying S.D. alcohol, and mineral oil).

Clear Start products are also non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores. And, our products were developed in conjunction 

with a council of teens who told us what worked – and what didn’t – when it came to their needs.

The most important thing is Clear Start is your resource for learning about your skin – because understanding what’s happening to the 

skin is the most important step in solving the concerns.

Q: Can exfoliation help control oiliness?

A: Exfoliation can be especially helpful to those with oily skin.

In addition to smoothing, improving skin tone and enhancing skin's receptiveness of oil-controlling ingredients, exfoliation helps rid oily skin of dulling and pore-blocking skin cells to help keep skin clear.

Q: Why do I need SPF?

A: Skin is the ultimate record keeper: every moment of sunlight exposure adds up like money in the bank! But the payoff is less desirable...

Statistics show that one in six individuals will develop skin cancer, and 90% of these cancers are the direct results of UV light radiation from the sun. A severe sunburn before the age of 18 exponentially increases your skin cancer risk.

Q: What's my best skin regimen?

A: The Clear Start regimen has been broken down into three simple categories to help you get your best-looking skin now and in the future.

It all starts with getting skin clean. Skin must be properly cleansed for two reasons: it rids skin of dirt, oils and pollution that make skin look dull, and it helps prep skin, making it more receptive to treatment and moisturizer benefits.

When it’s time to take on issues like oily skin and breakouts a scrub/masque, spot treatment, and all-over overnight treatment will help 

you face every day with a clean slate.

The last step of your Clear Start regimen is to protect skin. Smooth, shield, and hydrate without a greasy after-feel or clogged pores.

This simple approach will help ensure your best-looking skin now… and in the future!

Here’s another tip – stick with it for at least 4 weeks to start seeing results. Why? Because when something new is introduced to skin,

 skin must have time to adjust to the active ingredients. As skin adjusts, more breakouts may arise: this simply indicates the purging

of toxins and represents the effectiveness of the ingredients.

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