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The Difference Between Shellac Gel-Polish & Sculptured Gel Nails

Shellac Gel-Polish and Gel Nails are two totally different nail services.

Shellac Gel-Polish: Is a professional Soak-off product that Last longer than Regular Polish, goes on like Lacquer, adheres like Gel in a 

LED Light to Cured and working with your own natural nails shape and natural nails length.

Giving you stronger longer lasting manicured nails. (2-3 weeks)

Sculptured Gel Nails: Is a Non-Sock Off product that must be Professionally Filed Off. Gel Nail Product was designed to extended your 

nails length and give you Glam Nails. The Gel is put on with nail forms to extend your nails length giving you a Stronger and Longer Nail that is LED Light Cured.

 Giving you a little thicker and stronger lasting GLAM nails (Lasting 3-4 weeks)

Both Gel-Polish and Sculptured Gel-Nails are cured with a LED light giving a stronger, glossy, smudge free, dent-free finish, immediately dry, and pure shine..

Less Chipping and Peeling compared to standard polish.

Be Aware : Some other Brands of Gel-Polish are Non soak-able products and can be a Acrylic products that will not soak off. 

 Which can require extra time to soak off and there will be an extra cost for removal.

We will need to know prior of booking your appointment.

*** Shellac Gel-Polish must be requested at the time of booking Manicures and Pedicures.

Extra time is needed for application of shellac gel-polish and shellac removal.

*** We must be notified at the time of booking that a removal is required and there is an additional cost . 

There are some product that may need to be reschedule to be removed.

If you have a product that may take longer to remove.  We many need to adjust your service to shellac removal/application, instead of a full pedicure.

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