What Is Cold Laser 
About Microdermabrasion & Cold Laser Treatments
Treatments in Switzerland where the laser was developed have produced results comparable to Thermage or a minor lift.
The treatment is quite pleasant and relaxing and we combine it with deep hydration to provide immediate results. Long term results develop due to the stimulation deep in the layers of the skin.
non-invasive – no general or local anaesthetic required and skin is not penetrated
no damage to skin's surface – eliminates the need for post procedure wound care and down time
no harsh chemicals – eliminates the risk of adverse reaction and damage to your skin
discreet – no visible signs that you've had the procedure done other than the positive result
visible results – Face lines, age spots diminish and blend while the color and tone improves
no pain – enough sensation to tell that the procedure is happening, but it's not painful
How is Cold-Laser different from the laser a plastic surgeon might use?
This is a simplistic answer, but should cover the essential difference. The laser a plastic surgeon uses causes heat from the resistance of your skin to the laser, this heat vaporized the external layer in a very controlled way so that there is a very smooth wound. The wound response stimulates new skin to grow and since the wound is smooth, the new skin is smooth too. A Cold Laser is a class 3A laser combines with a propagating gel that lowers the resistance, so that the photons penetrate deeper without the heat response. The effect is stimulation of collagen which smoothes the skin from the layer below. In intense application such as for spider veins, the laser vaporizes microscopic sections below the surface. This provokes a healing response, but since the outer layer is intact, there is no exposure risk for bacteria and infection.