Article From Morning Star
'Last minute cancellations and no shows are affecting the livelihood of spa and salon workers.’
Cancelling appointments with very little notice, or not showing up at all for an appointment is having an enormous negative affect on peoples take home pay.
Anyone working on commission in the service industry is very much affected by this. Hair stylists, massage therapist, Spa Technician are just of few of the people whose services are reserved by appointment. When a client does not show or cancelled at the last minute, the technician does not have a chance to fill the time slot with another client. If someone cannot make it to an appointment, they should call and cancel as soon as possible as a courteous to other clients and to their technician. Even after getting a reminder call the day before, many people still just do not show up.
Most salons and spa have a cancelation policy, but it is almost impossible to enforce. Clients do not pre pay for these services, and they are very reluctant to give credit card numbers at the time of booking. I’m not sure why, they have to give credit card details to many companies to reserve their booking. ie a hotel room, airline ticket, RV camping spot, golf course Tee Time, etc.  If you do not show up or cancel ½ hour prior, I’m sure these place would charge your credit card.  companies would still charge you. The cancellation policy is not there to make money off no shows. It’s to encourage people to show up or give reasonable cancellation notice.
Making an appointment is the same as reserving your space, the time is held for you alone. If you do not show, you affect the paycheck of the technician.  These appointments are quite often 1 to 2 hours long or a package of services totaling 3 to 4 hours. If a technician/hair stylists/massage therapist has a couple of appointments cancelled in one day, her wages could be cut in half or more for that day. If she would have had, at least 24 or 48 hours noticed she would have been able to fill the time with another client.
The economy is tough right now and last minute cancellations are making it even worse for people on commission in the service industry.
 So as a courteous to people in the service industry, who work on commission, please respect their cancelation policies and give appropriate notice if you need to cancel.